The Brief

Upnup is on a mission to promote healthy savings habits through micro-investing. Their innovative app enables users to make small contributions to their savings every time they spend, making saving for the future a more manageable and achievable goal.

Tag8 Digital Agency approached Bashwax to create an energetic, short video that would introduce users to the concept of micro-investing and showcase how easy it is to set up and use. Our goal was to encourage viewers to explore this unique savings option and understand how it can help them achieve their financial goals. In the video we showcase the simplicity and convenience of micro-investing with Upnup to help more people start saving for their future.

2D Animation
3D Animation
Product Rending
Creative Direction
Sound Design

Team credits

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Direction Animation & Sound
Justin Archer

Visual style

Upnup setup
Upnup saving
Upnup is Africa’s first passive micro-investing app. Giving users the option to save according to their preferred method.

Animation process