The Brief

Addiction to social media is widespread; with constant notifications and interactions keeping us glued to our phones. We think we’re in control but these platforms are designed to manipulate our behavior without our conscious awareness.

Unpluq is an app that requires users to complete a task before accessing their apps. By adding an extra step, Unpluq encourages users to question their behavior and resist the urge.

We wanted viewers to reach for their own phones using visuals and sounds that trigger most of our own habit loops. We are all familiar with binging apps on our phone without intention so we wanted to show how helpful an app like Unpluq can be to stop and consider.

Sound Design
2D Animation
3D Animation
Product Rendering
Creative Direction

Team credits

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Justin Archer
Robin Erispe
3D Animation and Rendering
Thys Lötter
2D Animation and Sound
Justin Archer
Eddie Contento


Plentify storyboarding by Bashwax

Visual Style

Unpluq helps you live in balance with the
digital devices in your life, so you can use your
time for what matters most to you

Animation process

What our client says

Jorn Rigter

As a startup that promotes and encourages a healthier screen time balance, we love that our video explains our app in 40 seconds. We deeply enjoyed working with the Bashwax team and were blown away with the quality of work which was delivered perfectly on time.

Unpluq time saved
Unpluq time blocker